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Food Flight: What "Air Fare" Are People Consuming While They Travel

Lauren Carmody

Why is it that people ignore the type of food and calories they are consuming while flying? In a recent article, reporter Scott McCartney of The Wall Street Journal, critiques the fare we consume while flying on a plane…and it’s not pretty. McCartney says that despite the healthy alternatives that exist for passengers, the best-selling item is often the unhealthiest.

Airline Food

So, I pose the question again: Why do people eat junk while they fly? The reporter in the article poses plenty of options:

  1. To pass the time
  2. It’s there
  3. The “snack packs” have a combination of healthy and unhealthy food options
  4. Passengers don’t have time to pack their own food
  5. Passengers are afraid to order perishable items (in fear of brown, wilted lettuce)

Whatever the reason, it causes people to choose a cheeseburger over a turkey sandwich; and Pringles over a veggie platter. My thought on this topic: I think that first and business class and frequent travelers are definitely past eating cheeseburgers and Pringles on flights. Most often, you see infrequent or vacation travelers chowing down on the other options and I think it’s as simple as beginning their vacation early. The only problem is, when you eat those unhealthy items, you become thirstier, hungrier and more sluggish than you would have if you just at an apple and a few nuts.

People have a lot to say on this topic and the most common response is to bring your own snack on the plane, versus purchasing something mid-flight. It will save you money and calories and prevent thirst from being a factor on what could be a relatively short flight.

But while I have your attention, I might as well ask the question: What is your favorite food to snack on while you’re flying? My personal favorite: Mixed nuts! CJP

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