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Forgiving Rebecca Black

Thomas Rozycki  Follow

Like most everyone in the universe, the first time I heard "Friday" I thought it was a joke.  And, like everyone else, once I realized it wasn't joke, some little lever in my head flipped and I suddenly was enraged at Rebecca Black and everything she stood for.

For my troubles, all I got was angry at some poor little teenage girl (who I had never met, mind you) who was probably handed those lyrics and told, "Sing."

What I was not doing during my extended loathing was creating anything, shipping product, or figuring out how I could create a video that 75 gazillion people would actually want to see.

Rebecca 1, Tom 0.

I'd spend more time on this, but I've already spent too much.  Remiel absolutely NAILS it:

"If the opportunity seems undeserved relative to their talent, why not celebrate the success of a fellow human being and politely encourage them to use their influence benignly, instead of tearing down a stranger to impress your friends and whitewash your jealousy?"

Someday, I'll want those angry minutes back. But in the meantime... CJP

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