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Get to Know Prosek’s Amazing HR Team

Clancy Forte,  Karen Niovitch Davis,  Charlotte Bader,  Amanda Silverstein,  Rachel Hartog,  Abbey Fortney,  Katie Guerci,  Jenna Costanzo,  Kaitlyn Amaro,  Nadav Aronoff,  Maria Fournaris,  Alyssa Manfro

At Prosek, we pride ourselves on our ability to bring together the best, most creative minds in our industry to deliver next-level results for our clients. One of the key reasons we’re able to do that: our HR team.

Every day, they’re working hard behind the scenes to ensure that every person at the firm is enjoying the accounts they’re on, taking full advantage of their employee benefits and learning new skills that will help them build successful careers and forge meaningful relationships with their clients and colleagues. Not to mention, our HR team plays a massive role in attracting new and exciting talent to Prosek. For example, in 2021 alone, they managed to help us grow the firm by an impressive 30%!

In this piece, learn about our exceptional HR teammates who help make magic happen behind the scenes at the firm. Discover the details behind their career journeys so far and find out what keeps them busy in and outside of work!

Karen Davis, Partner and Chief Human Resources Officer

On her career journey so far: I was actually pre-law as an undergrad. After getting into law school, my mother turned to me and said some words that would ultimately change my life for the better: “Make sure this is what you really want, because you are paying for it.” After she said that, I decided to defer for a year. Instead of going to law school, I participated in Saks Fifth Avenue’s two-year Executive Training program. That program taught me three things: 1) how retail operations work, 2) that retail wasn’t my calling and 3) that I loved helping people realize their full potential. After Saks, I spent 10 years at Morgan Stanley, two at a hedge fund, and four at an asset manager. Combined, those jobs provided me with the perfect springboard to launch me onto my best journey yet: the one here at Prosek.

On life outside of work:  I am a very proud mom of two boys, Ben (6) and Jack (5), and I am married to my husband, Jeff, who is a corporate attorney. We live in NJ, and after 20 years in NYC, I have really taken to suburban life and admittedly love trips to Target and Costco. I am a big reality tv fan, I love to play the tables in AC or at Baha Mar and I only vacation in warm places. 

Amanda Silverstein, HR Director

On her career journey so far: I was told from a young age that I was “such a PR girl,” so I first pursued a career in public relations as a true generalist. I spent seven years at a mid-sized agency and loved client services, but transitioned into HR because I loved solving people challenges even more. I may be a “PR girl” at heart, but I strongly believe HR is my calling. It’s been such a treat blending both worlds.

On life outside of work: When I’m not Zooming, I have two little boys (a 21-month and 5-year old) hanging off of me at all times. While most of my current life is spent at birthday parties and playgrounds, I do enjoy a good Netflix series and anything NHL related. (I’m Canadian, what can I say…eh?!)

Clancy Forte, HR Director

On her career journey so far: I started my career at Prosek seven years ago after completing my degree in media studies and an HR internship. Taking a moment to reflect, it has been an incredibly rewarding experience to have grown my career at the firm. I was born and raised on Long Island, and always knew I wanted to have a meaningful career in NYC – working in HR and at Prosek has fulfilled that.

On life outside of work: Outside of work, you can find me spending time with my fiancé, Monti – our Jack Russell Terrier, family and friends. I also enjoy reading a good book on the beach, trying new restaurants and watching the latest bingeworthy series.

Rachel Hartog, HR Director

On her career journey so far: As someone who always appreciated artistic works and understood creative people, but also as someone who doesn’t have a creative bone in her body (“Art” was always one of my worst subjects), I spent the first four years of my career post-undergrad working in video production and post-production with the goal of becoming a producer. After briefly considering going back to school to become a psychologist, in a confluence of events, I found my way to advertising and to HR, where I truly found my calling by combining my knowledge of the creative space, with my love for helping people reach their highest potential! After four years in HR at another agency, I joined Prosek in May 2021. There are so many incredibly talented people at Prosek—I feel lucky to have found my way to a company where I’m inspired daily!

On life outside of work: You can usually find me checking out a new NYC restaurant or cocktail hot spot with my husband, binging the newest critically acclaimed show, taking too many pictures of my cat, Loki, spending time with friends and family, sitting in the park with a good book, travel planning or at the movie theater checking out the newest Oscar contender!

Abbey Fortney, SVP Talent Acquisition

On her career journey so far: I started my career as a creative before making the move to HR and Recruiting! During and continuing after college, I started my own design shop in Fort Lauderdale as a graphic designer. Many moons later, I found myself in recruiting and never looked back. I was fortunate to spend several years recruiting for both advertising and PR agencies in NY, before joining Prosek in November 2021 in Washington DC. Getting the chance to shape someone’s career and watch them grow within an organization is something I truly love, and Prosek has been such an amazing place to do just that. I’m also beyond thrilled to come to work every day being surrounded by such a fun, hardworking and incredibly supportive team!

On life outside of work: When I’m not on the hunt for top-notch PR talent, you can find me crushing Wordle, walking my two sweet dogs, Cash and Miesha, around town or sweating it out on my Peloton!

Charlotte Bader, Talent Acquisition Manager

On her career journey so far: I spent my first year out of college working for a nonprofit helping disadvantaged students from St. Louis navigate the higher education system, before transitioning into a recruiting agency, where I took my passion for helping others to coach job seekers on their interview skills. I landed at Prosek over five years ago and immediately knew that I had found my place. Now, I love networking with communications professionals, helping them land their dream job at Prosek and talking up our supportive culture and the exciting work we do every day.

Outside of work: When I’m not screening candidates on Zoom, you can find me cooking elaborate dinners at home or, as a recent Bay Area transplant, on one of the many scenic hiking trails around Northern California. I recently discovered that reading is actually fun when it’s not an assignment (college scarred me!), and I enjoy taking barre classes or watching Real Housewives when I want to unwind and relax.

Katie Guerci, Campus Recruiting & Program Manager

On her career journey so far: I joined Prosek about a year ago. Prior to joining, I worked as a campus recruiter at an accounting firm for six years, which felt like a natural career path after being a tour guide at Marist College for three years while completing my undergrad degree. I've thoroughly enjoyed recruiting and mentoring the next generation of talent through Prosek’s Apprentice program. One of my favorite parts of recruiting college students is seeing their excitement and enthusiasm—it inspires me every single day!

On life outside of work: I've recently become a "Jersey girl," newly living in Hoboken and spending lots of time at the Jersey Shore. When I'm not working, you'll find me at the UPS store making returns justifying my online shopping addiction, attending Pilates or dance cardio group fitness classes or exploring local coffee shops.

Jenna Costanzo, Senior HR Associate

On her career journey so far: I started my career with Prosek almost five years ago after graduating with a degree in management and industrial organizational psychology, and after recruiting for a small tech startup for a year. One of the many reasons I came to Prosek was to gain exposure to different areas of HR, and I’ve gotten that and more, during my time here. I look forward to continuing to be part of the firm’s growth alongside the best team/colleagues!

On life outside of work: When I’m not at work, I’m spending time with my significant other, friends and family (especially my newest niece born on June 3, 2022). One of my favorite aspects of living on Long Island is being so close to the beach, so you’ll either find me there or off the grid at my family’s cabin in the Poconos most summer weekends. I also enjoy cooking and baking, and have recently gotten into gardening.

Alyssa Manfro, Talent Acquisition Associate

On her career journey so far: I started my career as an agency recruiter pairing marketing and creative professionals with positions at Fortune 500 companies. I fell in love with finding the perfect job match for both my candidates and clients, and knew that if I joined an in-house team, I could make a big hiring impact. That journey led me to Prosek in June 2021, where I’ve been able to support junior level recruitment efforts and help streamline new recruitment strategies and processes. I’m feeling lucky to have joined a team that encourages and inspires me always! 

On life outside of work: When I’m not typing away, you can find me getting my fix of adventure on a hiking trail or ski mountain. But most often, I’m trying out a new coffee spot with a good book or combing local thrift shops for new home decor. I love to keep track of all the books I’ve read on Goodreads and trails I’ve hiked on AllTrails.

Kaitlyn Amaro, Talent Acquisition Associate

On her career journey so far: I started my career with Prosek very recently as a Talent Acquisition Associate. Although my time here has only just begun, I can already feel that I have found my place. Having graduated from Penn State in 2020 (We Are!), my career has taken a few different directions over the past two years. I have gone from marketing medical devices, to staffing Covid-19 nurses, to advertising for pharma, and now to recruiting for PR. I am excited that I get to bring my diverse experiences and background to Prosek, and continue to grow with our awesome HR team.

On life outside of work: When I’m not at the office, I most likely have my nose in a book (my goal is 25 this year!) or am eating something new at one of my many favorite Montclair, NJ restaurants. A bucket list item of mine is to travel to all seven continents (yes, even Antarctica). If you want to talk books, food, or travel – I’m your girl! 

Nadav Aronoff, HR Coordinator

 On his career journey so far: I began my career at Prosek just under a year ago in my first introduction to the workforce. Following my graduation from Rutgers University-New Brunswick, I began pursuing my Master’s in Human Resources Management, which I completed during my time at Prosek. I always wanted a career where I could see the impact of my work and engage with people daily, which is why I was quickly drawn to HR. Following my first internship during a summer in Israel, I knew I made the right choice. Prosek has been everything I could ask for and more coming out of college, and I’ve felt welcomed and comfortable here since day one.

On life outside of work: When I’m not being mistaken for IT (since we sit near each other), I’m usually watching whichever of my teams is playing (Devils, Mets, Jets, Nets and Rutgers Athletics)—or really any sporting event, for that matter. I’ve also been playing ice hockey since the age of four, and am always down to talk anything NHL, college hockey or B1G sports!

Maria Fournaris, Talent Acquisition Apprentice

On her career journey so far: I’m the newest Prosek HR team member, having joined after graduating from Fordham University in May 2022. There, I majored in Communications and Psychology with a minor in Peace and Justice Studies. I have previously held HR & DEI focused roles at Braathe Enterprises and the American Red Cross. As a member of the Talent Acquisition team, I love being one of the candidates’ first contacts at Prosek and showing them what a great culture and environment we foster. 

On life outside of work: Outside of Prosek, I love reading and crafting of any kind—Pinterest is by far my most used app. I also played rugby in college, and am always looking for local games to attend. I currently live on Long Island, but I’m eager to move to the City soon!


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