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6 Ways to Jumpstart Your Recycling Habits From Home

Catherine Adams

As many individuals swap their rush hour commute for a quick hop, skip and a jump from their bed to a desk (or kitchen table), much of Corporate America is now working from home.  

Ditching our exhaust fume-filled commutes via planes, trains and automobiles is just the start! We now have the opportunity to build smart eco-friendly habits from home to take back into the office upon our return. As you work to create your own new routines, check out a list of ways to work in some easy and new sustainable habits from home.  

  1. In our new digital offices, printing is a thing of the past. Use this time to become a screen-sharing, shared drive using, Google Docs generating pro. Once you’re back in the office, keep up these best practices and leave printing in the rearview mirror.
  2. If you’re not quite ready to channel your inner Julia Child, consider supporting local businesses and order take out or delivery from a mom and pop shop. When you place your order, put in a special request for no plastic utensils. If you’re picking up, let them know that you do not need a bag.
  3. One can of chicken noodle soup at a time, you are making your way through your stocked pantry. What you might not realize is recycling these cans, yogurt containers and sauce jars requires more than just throwing them in bin. Take the time to rinse out your containers, remove paper labels where necessary and ensure that you’re sorting properly. Check out your state’s department of sanitation website to see what your local recycling procedures are.
  4. Take your recycling a step further by trying out some upcycle craft projects. Turn your empty wine bottles into candle holders, show your kids how to paint empty cans and turn them into windchimes or turn that pile of magazines into coasters.
  5. As you continue to responsibly stock up, consider swapping out some of you bottled shampoo for package-free bar products. Once you need to replenish your toilet paper and paper towels, consider bamboo alternatives for a subtle and sustainable swap.
  6. Keep things light – but not unnecessarily lit. There’s no need to work in a dark room by flickering candlelight, but be conscious of where and when you leave lights on in your home. Remember to turn off your computer at the end of the day and turn off lights in rooms you aren’t actively stationed in; a dimly lit kitchen may lead to less pantry raiding temptations.

Any extra time at home can be used as an opportunity to make conscious and green alterations to daily routines. Bring your new habits with you to the office and help usher in a more sustainable future work environment and world. 

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