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Give & Take: Giving Back Your Time: The Impact of Volunteering Post-Pandemic

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It’s been a trying two years for organizations of all types, but nonprofits - particularly those serving vulnerable populations - have faced significant obstacles as they continued safely providing aid during the COVID-19 pandemic. It was no easy task: we saw reports last year that the pandemic put one in three nonprofits in financial jeopardy, and more recently it has been cited that though financial donations have remained strong, volunteer activity continues to remain lower than it was pre-pandemic.

As we move further along on the path to reopening on a global level, in-person activities like volunteering can be one important step toward normalcy. Beyond making an impact through helping your neighbors, volunteering allows you to foster and become part of a unified community, feel a greater sense of purpose and practice valuable intrapersonal and problem-solving skills that can be applied to both personal and professional settings.

At Prosek Partners, we encourage our employees on a global level to “Give Back” in any form, but this month are pleased to showcase specific organizations with meaningful in-person volunteer opportunities. In engaging with the below organizations – and countless others – we hope you too can get back to volunteering where you can feel, see and experience firsthand how the donation of time can have a powerful impact on an individual, an organization or city at large.

  • Organization: Citymeals on Wheels

Location: New York, New York

Description: “Citymeals on Wheels provides a continuous lifeline of nourishing meals and vital companionship to our homebound elderly neighbors. We deliver weekend, holiday and emergency meals to frail aged New Yorkers, ensuring they never go a day without a nutritious meal and a warm visit.”

Additional InformationVolunteer here

  • Organization: Greater Boston Food Bank 

Location: Boston, Massachusetts

Description: “GBFB is the largest hunger-relief organization in New England and among the largest food banks in the country. Last year, we distributed 117 million pounds of nutritious food to people who struggle to have enough to eat. We are committed to increasing our food distribution to provide three meals a day to every person in need in Eastern Massachusetts while supporting healthy lives and healthy communities.”

Additional Information: Volunteer Here

  • Organization: LA Works

Location: Los Angeles, California 

Description: “In 1990, L.A. Works took shape from a hope by the founders that if individuals worked together on local needs through hands-on service, they would feel empowered to address the broader racial and economic divides of their neighborhoods and cities. Their planning was only hastened by the March 1991 beating of Rodney King by members of the LAPD, which brought a combustive mix of racial tension and civil discord out in the open.”

Additional Information: Volunteer Here

  • Refuge Network International

Location: London, England

Description: “RNI'S programs are geared towards alleviating human suffering principally through the promotion of Economic and Social Rights (ESR) in pragmatic and innovative ways. We work with the homeless, rough sleepers, victims of human trafficking, refugees, prostitutes, individuals living in abject poverty, and other marginalized groups.”

Additional Information: Volunteer Here

  • Organization: Open Doors 

Location: Norwalk, Connecticut  

Description: “Open Doors strives to make a direct impact in the greater Norwalk area by guiding every person in the cycle of homelessness towards housing stability. We will engage every person at risk of, and experiencing, homelessness with a holistic set of tools and resources that can be tailored to their individual needs. In 2021, we launched the Financial Opportunity Center to help Norwalk area residents achieve economic stability through three core components:  employment coaching, financial coaching, and income support navigation.”

Additional InformationVolunteer Here

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