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Give & Take: Three Ways Charities Can Make the Holidays the Gift that Keeps on Giving

Laura Bernstein

Media Navel Gaze, HurrayOver the past month at Prosek, our New York and Connecticut offices participated in the Sterling House Thanksgiving Gift Baskets drive and the New York Care's Winter Wishes program. Both causes help those in need have a special holiday season and put people in the holiday spirit.

And, there's something about the holiday spirit that puts people in the giving mood. That's good news for charities since according to Charity Navigator, the online fundraising platform Network for Good reports 30 percent of annual giving is processed in December.

This is also the time when the media is interested in covering feel-good stories. These stories can introduce charities to a new audience, driving awareness and donations. Charities can lengthen the impact of these stories even once the holiday attention has died down. Below, we outline three ways charities can capitalize on the positive media attention all year long:

1) Build your network

If reporters approach your organization for holiday stories, make sure to build a relationship with them. Exchange business cards and keep their information on file so you can reach out to them with future announcements. To take it one step further, set a date to meet for coffee and discuss how you can best work together.

2) Host a thank-you party

A thank-you party is a great way to make your holiday donors feel appreciated and reengage the media. Showcase what you did with the funds you received and offer reporters an inside look. Maximize any strong visual elements like a new building or specialized piece of equipment.

3) Amplify content

Make a great holiday article last longer through content amplification. Even if a story published in December, you can bring it back to life in the next year by using content amplification platforms such as Outbrain or Taboola to recirculate the piece. You could also take a more targeted approach by using tools like LinkedIn Sponsored Updates. This is a good way to get your name back out there, especially before a big fundraising campaign. We hope these tips will keep your organization top of mind and keep the holiday spirit well beyond December! End of Story

Give & Take is a monthly column that takes a look at the intersection of the for-profit and non-profit worlds and the overall role philanthropy plays in connecting people.

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