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Hedge Fund Focus: June 3, 2016

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In case you missed them, here are the hot topics in the hedge fund/alternatives space this week…

It looks like a rebound is officially in the making as funds were again in the black in May, averaging gains of 0.46 percent according to HFR. However, many concerns about the industry were still percolating with talk about contraction and concentration garnering the most chatter this week:

And though we are seeing a bounce back, the fallout from the nine months of turbulence is still playing out. It was revealed this week that institutional investors only averaged 0.5 percent gains from hedge funds in 2015 and a series of high profile redemption requests rolled in last month, totaling $6.6B billion and leaving flows negative for May

In the face of an insider trading investigation, Visium is considering selling part of its business according to those in the know. The firm is looking to either sell a stake in the business or make a larger deal. AllianceBernstein is rumored to be one of the potential buyers

Strategy News: Quants are really all the rage these days, again being touted for their foresight and nimbleness, especially during market turmoil. Distressed and special situation strategies drove May returns, and commodity funds got a much needed brake, raking $5B in flows due to the oil rally. Additionally, the recent rise in M&A activity may help push event driven funds back to the front of the class, but equity funds managed by big names took a beating

Manager Performance: As May came to a close, performance was still mixed, though many managers did experience gains:

Quick Things to Know: Unsurprisingly, another Brevan Howard partner is leaving to start his own fund; pension funds appetite for risk is increasing as hedge funds’ is dropping; and Blackstone founder Steve Schwarzman has no pity for hedge funds

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