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SydneyHaving lived and worked in New York City for more than six years, I hadn't realized how fortunate I was to be in the epicenter of the global PR industry until I was halfway around the world.  Yes, I realize NYC is one of the world's major hubs for finance, PR, fashion, etc.; however, I always thought any major city around the world would provide ample opportunity to be a part of the international business arena.

When I was in Sydney this past March, I took time away from being a tourist to network with some contacts.  One of them was the former Sydney bureau chief of Dow Jones/Wall Street Journal, who now has become a PR professional.  Throughout his career he worked in Europe, Asia and Australia as a reporter.   We discussed his experience and recent career change, but more importantly how the Sydney market is different from other global markets.

He said, "In London, New York and Hong Kong you're in the middle of it all; in Sydney you’re on the edge of it all."  His current clients are Australian-focused, primarily in Sydney.  What he said to me was very powerful.  With that comment, I came to fully appreciate the experiences I've gained from working with global clients (even if means 7 am and 11 pm conference calls), knowledge of international markets and a more worldly viewpoint on life and business.

It's funny how sometimes you need to leave to realize all that you have at home. CJP

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