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Media and LatAm Navel Gaze: July 5, 2017

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News becoming the news in a much bigger and surreal way: MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” became the subject of coverage as President Trump took Twitter aim at the cable anchors in a bizarre feud that was criticized by those of all stripes for not being presidential and certainly an episode that was unfocused on health care, cyberwars or IRL wars.  And then there is the CNN video that Trump posted on Twitter of him wrestling a CNN figure. Enough said. Happy Fourth


  • Congress went home for the holidays in the midst of its health-care battle with repeal then replace the latest mantra…for now;
  • Call it Uplyfting but the “other” ride sharer has taken the way high road by publicly and proactively appearing anything but smug about Uber’s problems, which has prominently lead to stories about Lyft’s John Zimmer low-key style, clearly a plus by comparison – clearly a good PR mood as long as it doesn’t get too overplayed;
  • The iPhone turned 10 last week and celebrated by watching tech stocks tumble amid coverage of the next 10 years when we will be folding our phones by origami or using apps in thin air;
  • Google gets an EU fine to the tune of a record $2.7BB-ish, a rounding error for sure but anti-trust slap nonetheless;
  • Apollo raised a whopping $23.5BB for the largest buyout fund EVER;
  • The Supreme Court said President Trump could implement his travel ban partially;
  • The Dow closed out the first half of 2017 up 8 percent at 21,249 and the S&P 500 up 8.2 percent at 2,423 with tech stocks lately stumbling a bit and bank stocks soaring; and
  • Sir and Rumi are happening.


  • In Argentina, during the first quarter of 2017, the 87 domestic companies that traded in the local market had earnings of U.S. $1.4 billion, 95% more than in the same period last year. Of the 25 economic sectors represented on the Argentine stock market, 19 showed positive results and 15 of them improved, compared with the first three months of 2016. 
  • In Argentina, the Ministry of Finance raised the ceiling for the 8.75% Bonar 2024 (the Bonds of the Argentine Nation) for a nominal amount of up to US $4 billion. Resolution 89-E, of June 12, establishes that these bonds will be placed through operations and sale of public bonds which will be repurchased at a later date. This is another sign of Argentina's continued effort to raise foreign capital.
  • Brazil reports the worst fiscal deficit in its history for May as the economy struggles to recover from the deepest recession in its history, at a time when accusations of corruption President of that country, Michel Temer, threaten to overshadow the government's economic agenda. 
  • On Thursday, in Chile, Nokia and Movistar conducted the first 4.5G Pro showcase in Latin America, reaching a speed of 1Gbps. The new generation technology will enable the operator to transport data traffic in two or more spectrum bands simultaneously achieving greater efficiency and reliability in the network and giving operators more flexibility. 
  • On Tuesday, Venezuela's President Nicolas Maduro warned that he would go to combat if his socialist government was violently overthrown by opponents who have been on the streets protesting for three months. 

 End of Week Market Updates

  • Merval (Argentina): + 4.02%
  • Bovespa (Brazil): + 2.97%
  • IPSA (Chile): - 0.40%
  • IGBC (Colombia): + 2.53%
  • IPC (Mexico): + 1.79%
  • BVL (Peru): + 0.35% 

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