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Media Naval Gaze: August 23, 2016

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Mea culpa-cabana! The Olympic Jeah meme Ryan Lochte made a major mess of it last week with his apologia coming late and sounding hollow as an Instagram post, turning attention for a while from great performances to great prevaricators. Trump also got into the “I’m sorry” act, forced no doubt by his new hard-right-leaning team that sounded just as hollow just as he dumped his “low-energy” campaign manager Paul Manafort; let’s just focus on Bolt and Felix, okay? 


  • The Redstones keep control of their media empire;
  • Gannett is chasing hard for tronc, the parent of Chicago Tribune and LA Times on speculation that the publisher would include smaller editions of its flagship USA Today in many of tronc’s smaller papers;
  • After the sale of its parent to Univision for $135 million, Gawker is shutting down this week after 14 years of creeping on its newsmakers;
  • Stocks were relatively flat for the week with the Dow ending down fractionally to close at 18,852 with quiet markets seen through the month; and
  • Backseat drivers beware! Uber is launching a driverless-car program in Pittsburg in the coming weeks amid no doubt surge curiosity;

LatAm Gaze

  • The Brazilian men’s soccer team won Olympic gold by defeating Germany in a thrilling penalty shootout on Saturday evening. Brazilian sensation and team captain Neymar scored the game-winning goal, sending a raucous home crowd into delirium after clinching the country’s first ever gold medal in soccer. 
  • Meanwhile, Venezuela’s problems can no longer be ignored, says the FT. The country’s multiple problems, including terrorism, unfair trade deals, and immigration issues, are beginning to have effects on a global scale, with a growing number of Venezuelans seeking asylum, medicine and food. Furthermore, while a process is in place to speed the country’s upcoming presidential elections, which could put an end to President Nicolas Maduro’s term, Venezuela’s electoral commission signaled last week that the referendum will not be held before the end of the year.

Interested in squeezing in one more trip before summer ends? The time may be right to visit Mexico City, this year’s #1-rated travel destination by The New York Times. Most restrictions on flights between the U.S. and Mexico will lift today, in a move by American, Delta and Southwest Airlines that is expected to bring more options and potentially lower prices for travelers. 

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