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Midweek the market was continuing to flex its muscle, extending its 2011 rally slightly, with Republican John Boehner picked as Speaker of the House (probably no big connection and no big surprise) and payrolls for private-sector jobs rising by 297,000, according to ADP Employer Services (probably a big connection because it was treble estimates and a big surprise); the SEC has reportedly been looking at whether disclosure rules for private companies need a rewrite in the face of the Facebook deal with Goldman Sachs to launch a fund that allows the Wall Street's big clients to buy its shares; and Starbucks unveiled a new logo, which is now wordless and which analysts said allows the company to expand beyond coffee. The sea nymph may now appear silent but apparently not confined to just hawking a cup of Joe.

Fox in the CNN House

Mediate and others have been reporting this week that CNN's John Roberts may join FOX News Channel in Atlanta as a senior national correspondent. As a former CBS News anchor and co-host of CNN's American Morning, this could be a good catch for FOX News. The musical chairs continue.

Send Resumes to Huffington Post

David Carr of the New York Times reported this week that the Huffington Post is collecting resumes, looking for front-page editors, associate news editors, a sports editor and even a comedy-section editor. The five-year-old Web site seems to be gaining ground in the journo turf battle but comedy-section editor?  That at times could be much of the news section, right? 

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