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Media Navel Gaze: April 25, 2011

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The Week Unpeeled

While royalists kept track of every detail of William and Katherine's upcoming nuptials, we learned that our smartphones are tracking our every whereabouts and sending our data back to their makers (Google and Apple) as privacy wars started from all corners.  Elsewhere:

  • GE posted a whopping (tax-free?) 77 percent jump in quarterly earnings above year-ago levels on the strength of strong lending business;
  • The Pulitzers were announced last week, with winners from usual suspects but a few firsts like ProPublica for its online-only story, "The Wall Street Money Machine";
  • Gold continued its ascent, marking record closes above $1,500 per ounce on safe-haven buying as S&P put US credit on watch and inflation hedges (why don't journos every throw in speculation as well?); and
  • The Dow ended a holiday-shortened week up 1.3 percent at 12,505.

Breaking New Ground at the Fed

In what is sure to be a closely followed event among Fed watchers and media trackers alike, Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke will host the first-ever Fed chief press conference after he and his fellow officials hold their policy meeting. In an apparent attempt to be transparent, he will no doubt be challenged on his inflation watch and the merits of his QE2 strategy. Reports like in The Wall Street Journal last week referenced the intense preparation for the briefing, from dress rehearsals to conversations with other central bank presidents on their experiences with meeting the press.  No matter the results, once you begin the practice, it will be hard to discontinue so expect this to be the first of a series.

Thomson Reuters to Set Focus on Consumer News

Two months into his new assignment as a news editor, Steve Adler announced changes last week that suggested the news service will increase its focus on consumer news with the addition of editors from newspapers and magazines, such as Paul Ingrassia, formerly of The Journal, and Jim Gaines from Time Inc. Stay tuned.

All the Parody That's Fit to Print

Great correction in the Sunday New York Times that it had incorrectly reprinted a Tiger Beat cover in the paper's obit on the teen magazine cover that actually appeared in The Onion. (Kinda like using the Las Vegas Statute of Liberty model for the US stamp.) CJP

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