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Media Navel Gaze: April 25, 2016

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Purple reigned all weekend in tribute to Prince, who died at 57 of so far unknown causes. Tributes galore, anchors wore paisley on set, monuments turned purple and even the driest talking heads claimed to be kinda funky. Once again TMZ broke the news, making it the AP of breaking news and all others followed suit, quite a bit later in “news” time. However, the obvious seemed never reported, or at least not obviously enough. The irony of his death as per Let's Go Crazy lyrics, dying in an elevator -- #punchahigherfloor.


  • President Obama enters Brexit debate with loud and clear “stay” to Trump-like negative response (‘the half Kenyan”) from London mayor and others;
  • Harriet Tubman makes it on the $20 spot and other women and civil rights leaders will grace US bills, giving some modern facelifts before moola becomes virtual;
  • VW reports a big record loss, setting aside billions for its “bug” in emissions math; other automakers guilty of same bug;
  • Al Jazeera America may have shut down but one of its executives files a racial-bias lawsuit, keeping that newsroom story alive;
  • Trouble at ABC’s “Live: Kelly and Michael” as Michael jumps ship and Kelly protests and takes some PTO; and 
  • Beyonce drops Lemonade post her HBO special Saturday night (more marketing genius) while the Beyhive goes wild.

LatAm Gaze

  • The death toll in Ecuador rose to 646 following the 7.8 magnitude earthquake that shook the nation. 12,500 people were injured and organizations around the world have been sending in aid packages, including a $150 million loan from the World Bank.    
  • Tensions continued to mount in Brazil, where the impeachment process for President Dilma Rousseff inches closer to fully materializing. The vote is currently with the Supreme Court. The Brazilian Real closed the week at R$3.5663 to the US Dollar. 
  • Cuba’s Communist Party has re-elected Raul Castro as party head to another five year term. 

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