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Media Navel Gaze: December 22, 2014

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The Week Unpeeled: Quick Gaze from Hanoi

The Asian view of the world differs little from our national headlines with the Sony/North Korean/Washington story battling for attention with Cuba news, and it looks like the Havana developments are leading coverage a bit. Of note on Hollywood hacking: Interesting interview on CNN with Sony Pictures CEO Michael Lynton, where he distanced the firm from making decisions on axing the film, saying the company has little control over decisions from the theatre chains and emphasizing that he did reach out to the White House for advice despite claims from President Obama that suggested otherwise. The Wall Street Journal op-ed also worth a read, suggesting that the "The Interview" be available free online with Korean subtitles and airdropped into North Korea for full access. Meanwhile, North Korea denies hacking Sony.


  • Obama surprised the world in an anything but a lame duck move to begin to normalize relations with Cuba, a move that was orchestrated by Pope Francis, showing as he claims the positive effects of making small steps to diplomacy and a move that evoked the Cold War with spy swaps between the two nations;
  • New York stunned by police slaying, with coverage focused on grief and anger;
  • Asian press continues coverage on the slump in gambling revenue at Macau and the clampdown on corruption at the biggest casino location in the world amid a visit from Chinese President Xi Jinping;
  • The Taliban attacked a school in Peshawar that killed 145 people in the deadliest single act in the group's history;
  • The Dow continued its climb Friday after a 421-point rally on Thursday to end at 17,806;
  • Leading headline from the local Viet Nam News this week, "VN Universities Urged to Train Graduates for Real Job Market"a pretty universal concern; and
  • Instagram cleaned house of inactive accounts and Justin Bieber loses 3.5 million followers; Silver lining? Kim Kardashian lost only 1.0 million so she now is back to No. 1. Whew! Merry Christmas.End of Story

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