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Media Navel Gaze: December 26, 2016

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President-elect Trump continued his undoing doing, tweeting messages that seemed to run counter on nuclear policy or the one China policy and appointing advisors/forming an inner circle that suggests big changes ahead in Wall Street regulation, immigration, trade, health care and diplomacy. More tweets no doubt in store.


  • Deutsche Bank reached a settlement with the US for $7.2 billion over bad mortgage securities;
  • A Turkish policeman killed a Russian ambassador in broad daylight in a chilling photo that made many front pages;
  • A truck slammed into a Berlin Christmas market, killing holiday shoppers and raising terror alerts even higher in Western Europe and in areas once seemed safe;
  • On a more cheery holiday front, the sale of Christmas trees role 10 percent, the largest increase on record so there’s that;
  • The Dow continues to flirt with the 20,000 mark, ending only slightly higher last week at 19,933, a little more cheery news, but
  • Sadly, George Michaels died; and
  • Hygge has definitely become a thing.

LatAm Gaze:

  • Brazilian conglomerate Odebrecht reached a US$2.6 billion settlement related to bribery charges in what was the US Justice Department's largest-ever foreign bribery case.
  • Chile was struck by a level 7.6 earthquake and is under threat of a possible tsunami
  • Argentina is raising gas prices by 8% starting in January as President Mauricio Macri works to regulate the nation's pricing structure pertaining to energy and utility products.
  • Peru's banks collectively increased their lending to corporations by 2.26% in November compared to the same period last year. The commerce, industrial manufacturing, and utility sectors were the primary beneficiaries.
  • End of Week Market Updates:
    • Merval (Argentina): -  1.26%
    • Bovespa (Brazil): -  0.77%
    • IPSA (Chile): -  4.04%
    • IGBC (Colombia): -   0.89%
    • IPC (Mexico): +  0.12%
    • BVL (Peru): +  0.19%


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