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Media Navel Gaze: July 25, 2016

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Another week of big headlines and unfortunately now almost “routine” reports of terrorism or hate crimes -- crimes so frequent now, as President Obama once claimed, they receive routine coverage and routine reaction from even the White House and elsewhere. This time, a lone gunman killed nine in Munich outside of a McDonald’s, which put the third largest city in Germany on lockdown. Also, reports surfaced that the Nice, France, truck driver did not act alone and had been planning his deadly act for months, making the story seem even deadlier.  


  • The RNC ended its convention with Trump no longer presumptive but the show anything but routine or celebratory with the potential Flotus stealing passages of her speech from the current Flotus (lots of fun shaming and blaming) and former candidate Ted Cruz playing Anthony to Brutus (for you Shakespeare fans) by not endorsing Donald in his stump Trump speech; 
  • Hillary names Tim Kaine, governor of Virginia, as her running mate, who proved to be bilingual in his acceptance speech, switching into Spanish from time to time, showing there was no wall between him and the audience in Miami;
  • Conservative-leaning blogger Milo Yiannopoulos, the tech editor of Breitbart, was barred from Twitter after e-bashing actress Leslie Jones, raising the conversation of harassment online;
  • Fox Chief Roger Ailes steps down following accusations of sexual harassment from former anchor Gretchen Carlson and an internal investigation, ending a conservative political/media career just as the Trump show in full swing in Cleveland;
  • The NBA decides to move its all-star game from North Caroline, home of Mr. Basketball himself, because of bathroom laws that eliminates anti-discrimination protections;
  • Stocks continued to move higher, although at a slower pace and amid low volume, with the Dow closing at 18,570 and the S&P at a record of 2,175; 
  • Verizon in talks to buy Yahoo’s Web stuff for $5 billion; and
  • Follow closely: Edward Snowden said last week at an MIT conference while in exile in Moscow that he was working on a phone with a white hat named Bunnie that would alert journalists if they were in the vicinity of electronic surveillance, or something like that. 

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