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Media Navel Gaze: July 27, 2015

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The Week Unpeeled

The presidential campaign is in full swing with last count seeing some 16 contenders for the Republican race, least among them Donald Trump in full photo-op glory going to the US/Mexican border, the demarcation line for him with immigration now the focus of his stump speeches. Hillary has been caught sending US confidential emails from her personal account, despite her claims to the contrary, and The New York Times last week was forced to issue a sticky correction on an exclusive story about the Justice Department review into that email account. More (much more) to come.


  • Japan's Nikkei acquired the FT Group, which includes the Financial Times for $1.32 billion;
  • Anthem agreed to buy Cigna in a $48 billion deal;
  • Former Congressman Anthony Weiner, known most recently as the shamed sexter, joined PR firm MWW, with a PR drama itself of Weiner proportion with his new employers having to explain after the announcement that he will not be directly handling client matters;
  • Gawker declared it would be "20 percent nicer" following the decision to take down an article about a media exec's possible gay-escort exploits, which prompted two editors to quit and lots of finger-pointing ink;
  • Other other-worldly news this week after Pluto discoveries last week with "Earth's Cousin" seen through the Kepler Space Telescope, showing near-same properties of our home base some 1,400 light years away;
  • Amazon delivered (and not by drone) surprising profits for the most recent quarter, pushing its stock sharply higher and its market cap above Wal-Mart's; and
  • A new Dr. Seuss book has been discovered and published, "What Pet Should I Get?" just in time for summer beach reads.


  • A number of Latin American currencies dropped this week, driven partly by weak Chinese manufacturing data. Brazil's currency, the real, plunged to its weakest level in 12 years, after the government recently announced its plans to slash its fiscal savings goals;
  • Mexico's annual inflation rate dropped to record lows in July, and its economy posted its weakest annual growth in nine months, barely expanding in May compared with April;
  • Mexico is in the midst of opening up its oil and gas fields to private investors in an historic move after the government ended Pemex's 75-year-old monopoly in 2013. Pemex plans to submit remaining requests for tie-ups with private companies in the Gulf of Mexico in early August.End of Story

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