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Media Navel Gaze: July 4, 2016

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Brexit fallout guessing seemed to dominate most of the air, print and digital waves all week with all-out-dire consequences that were predicted last week a little less dire.  Ink focused on whether firms will leave The City for EU access elsewhere (like Amsterdam and Dublin, which seem to be winning right now); who will be PM now that Boris has pulled out; UK credit rating which dropped a notch; the weak sterling (bad for exports); lower rates everywhere; and the rebound in stocks (more below). And to make it kinda weird: The 600-point plunge of the Dow post Brexit was exactly seven years, seven months, seven weeks and seven days since the worst-ever decline of 777 on September 29, 2008. Have at it, numerologists. 


  • The Dow posted its biggest advance of the year last week, with the Dow up more than 3 percent to close at 17,949;
  • Apple may buy Tidal, so Jay Z rules again;
  • Lions Gate may buy Starz, so Hunger Game pays dividends;
  • Mondelez (that’s Kraft and Cadbury) is looking to buy Hershey’s, a deal sure to get less sweet due to the complex Hershey’s trust; and
  • Serial’s Adnan is getting a new trail, no matter the outcome a sure winner for podcasts.


Puerto Rico's government failed to pay almost half of $2 billion in bond payments that came due on July 1.  The move marks the commonwealth’s first-ever default on its constitutionally guaranteed debt.

Argentina's senate approved a law repatriating all undeclared currency currently stored overseas, which is expected to save up to U$20 billion and positively impact pension funds and retirement accounts. 

In Mexico, state-owned Pemex has engaged 10 different international banks in conversations about establishing stronger partnerships.  

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