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Media Navel Gaze: July 9, 2012

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The Week Unpeeled

Scientists overtook Scientologists on the headlines front last week with big news from physicists (sorry, Tomkat fans) that after an exhaustive search they have discovered a new subatomic particle seen as the “key to the universe,” (New York Times, front-page headline, July 5).  The Higgs boson helps explain diversity and life, among a few other things. It was kind of refreshing to read about such an historic event that really mattered (no pun intended) versus lots of other headlines elsewhere:

  • The US unemployment rate remained at 8.2 percent in June and payrolls added just 80,000 jobs;
  • As a result, the Dow ended down 124 points on Friday to close at 12, 772;
  • Duke Energy’s newly anointed CEO Bill Johnson (post merger with Progress where he was chief) was dismissed by its board within hours on the jobs, with Duke’s CEO Jim Rogers taking the helm (Still with me?  No matter. Lots of Progress shareholders certainly will cry foul, no doubt.);
  • Yikes!  Microsoft booked a $6.2 billion charge for its money-pit Internet division, a sure bing ding;
  • Barclays CEO Diamond said he was “sorry” for allegedly rigging interest rates and then resigned;
  • Anderson Cooper came out and the announcement sort of explains the CNN ratings slump; that’s not really news;
  • Seventeen magazine launched a “Body Peace Treaty” (way too much PR spin for me) and vow to not retouch its photos and instead “celebrate every kind of beauty”. . . and maybe even the Higgs boson kind; and
  • Andy Griffith died, the actor who played the sheriff on “Mayberry RFD” and remembered in an unusually long “appraisal’’ in the New York Times July 4 that ran to nearly a full page it seemed. CJP

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