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Media Navel Gaze: June 10, 2013

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The Week Unpeeled

Maybe this week is best described as “The E-Spy Who Came in from the Cold,” as stories about the NSA surfaced (some seemingly questionable early on) about the “growing reach of the nation’s spy agency” (New York Times, Sunday, June 9).  The “spying” is not really the surprising details of this unfolding story. Rather, the vast network and infrastructure that has been built for the program called Prism, like a one-million-square-foot “fortress” in Utah to story personal data is what is so “big.”  Big Brother clearly is Big Data and likely big headlines to follow.


  • The jobless rate inched up to 7.6 percent in May (from 7.5 percent) and non-farm added 175,000 jobs, a report that propelled stock markets sharply higher on sentiment that the Fed will stay the course on stimulating the economy through its bond-buying program;
  • The Dow on Friday posted its biggest advance since Jan 2 to close at 15,248, or about 1 percent below its record close;
  • President Obama and Premier Xi Jinping, the first meeting with Xi as leader of China;
  • Bloomberg LP launched a venture-capital fund, Bloomberg Beta, that at $75 million will invest in start ups, which no doubt will raise the idea of conflicts for its journalists who cover that space;
  • Two men have filed suit against The New York Post, who were pictured on the tabloid’s cover in connection with the Boston Marathon bombing; neither men, who claim invasion of privacy and emotional distress, were considered suspects; and
  • Next UK Headliner: John Oliver, British comedian, will be now guest host on “The Daily Show.” End of Story

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