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Media Navel Gaze: June 13, 2016

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Hillary became presumptive on the heels of Trump’s apparent nomination and amid banner headlines marking the historic occasion as the potential for a FLOTUS becoming a POTUS. Snarkiness (surprised) quickly ensued with Hillary calling out Trump on Twitter to #deleteyouraccount, a quick campaign meme heard round the Twitterverse. 


  • On the campaign trail, Obama endorsed Hillary, with Senator Elizabeth Warren coming out swinging in her defense;
  • The world bid farewell to Ali on Saturday, with President Clinton and Billy Crystal one of the many featured speakers for The Greatest; the celebrated photo op was clearly the aerial view of the rose-strewn hearse winding its way through Louisville;
  • The deadliest mass shooting in the US at a club in Orlando, with an estimated 50 casualties quickly escalated concerns of terrorism and gun violence amid all-day coverage Sunday with details still emerging on the killer and circumstances;
  • Gawker media filed for bankruptcy and quickly went up for sale;
  • Stocks slumped late in the week amid global growth concerns and Brexit uncertainty but ended pretty much unchanged at 17,865; gold soared in quality flight moves;
  • The Brexit vote moved closer to center stage for the media, from both print to broadcast with the widely read German magazine Der Spiegel, pleading “Please Don’t Go” on its most recent issue; and
  • Mr. Hockey, Gordie Howe, died.

LatAm Gaze:

  • Latin American stocks and currencies fell for a second day on Friday as traders sought safer assets less than two weeks before Brexit.
  • Following constitutional changes that opened the oil and gas industry to private companies in Mexico, PEMEX, Mexico's state oil company, approved on Friday a plan to take on partners to develop oil reserves in deep waters of the Gulf of Mexico, marking the first time the company joins with private firms for exploration and production.
  • Food riots and looting have become a regulars occurrence in Venezuela and a problem for the leftist government of President Nicolas Maduro. More than 10 lootings occur each day, according to the Venezuelan Observatory of Violence. 

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