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Media Navel Gaze: June 17, 2013

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The Week Unpeeled

Syria returned to the front pages with the Obama administration reportedly planning to arm rebels based on evidence that that Syria has used chemical weapons in the civil war.  The decision clearly comes with sharply divided opinions on level of commitment.


    • Protests in Istanbul flared up over the weekend in an intensifying showdown with the government;
    • Iran elected a moderate;
    • RBS Chief Stephen Hester was booted by board after three years at the mostly UK-owned bank; search on for replacement;
    • Gannett Corp is buying Belo TV, the largest local television deal in a decade and a sign of big bets on media diversification and the future of local news coverage;
    • Sarah Palin is returning to Fox News as a “paid contributor”;
    • Rupert Murdoch and third wife (who famously defended her husband in the phone hacking scandal) are splitting, a news item first reported by Deadline;
    • The Dow lost ground, sliding Friday to end down 1.17 percent for the week; Volatility has returned to the markets, especially in the US and Japan; and
    • Curious statement by a co-founder of Bloomberg LP, reportedly told to senior staffers at the news outfit and quoted in a New York Times story on Friday that “the only journalism that matters is the kind that moves markets”;  (Interested to know total context since no mention is made of truth, accuracy or greater good.) End of Story

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