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Media Navel Gaze: June 30, 2014

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The Week Unpeeled

The World Cup seemed to dominate the news all week and even stopped business for a while when the US played Germany on Thursday, with Germany winning and the US advancing; no doubt the most headlines belonged to Luis Suarez from Uruguay who was eventually tossed from the remaining games for biting Italy's Giorgio Chiellini, leaving quite mark on the games.


  • The 100-year anniversary of World War I also led coverage last week, particularly over the weekend, illustrating the vast geopolitical impact "The Great War" had on Europe;
  • American Apparel ousted chief Dov Charney managed to stay in the spotlight, fighting for his job and brand amid financial and
  • setbacks;
  • The Supreme Court ruled that Aereo violated programming copyrights, in effect shutting down the new-media start up that made it cheaper to watch broadcast network television;
  • In the UK, jurors acquitted Rebekah Brooks of the Murdoch empire on charges of phone hacking and bribery, among other allegations, but found Andy Coulson guilty of illegally intercepting voice-mail messages in the World of the News case;
  • The Court also ruled last week that police must obtain a warrant to search a cellphone for information, protecting privacy rights in America;
  • The US economy contracted in the first quarter by 2.9 percent, although stocks and other closely watched financial markets seemed to continued to show strength; economists remained upbeat about the economy despite the quarterly slip in growth; and
  • The Dow ended the week little changed, closing at 16,851;
  • ABC News is making changes with Diane Sawyer stepping down as anchor of the evening news, replaced by David Muir, while George Stephanopoulos will become lead anchor for all breaking news coverage.

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