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Media Navel Gaze: March 10, 2014

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The Week Unpeeled

The US employment report last week shed some positive light on the economy with non-farm payroll adding 175,000 jobs in February, helping the markets continue what is now an official five-year bull run (marked by several stories over the weekend). The slightly bullish jobs report eases concerns about a spring meltdown and the negative impact of cold weather this winter.  The Dow, meanwhile, for the week rose about 0.8 percent to end at 16,452.


  • The Ukraine remained under pressure from Russia, with the Crimea in play, while the West looked for solutions;
  • A Malaysia Airlines jet disappeared over the Gulf of Thailand over the weekend amid reports of stolen passports by two passengers, adding mystery to an already mysterious situation;
  • President Obama forgets how to spell R-E-S-P-E-C-T before Aretha performed at the White House;
  • Bill Weir, a former Nightline co-anchor, is reported to be the replacement for Piers Morgan's nighttime slot;
  • Newsweek magazine relaunches in print amid big-time controversy as its cover story unmasking the founder of the currency bitcoin was called inaccurate by the man - and countless others -- himself, a claim the magazine has defended saying, "We are absolutely standing by this";
  • The biggest newspaper publisher in The Netherlands has launched a new service called "Blendle," which is the iTunes of journalism, where consumers can buy individual stories (for a song) at just 0.10 euros;
  • The Twitter-er behind @GSElevator lost his book contract, shortly after his identify was revealed and his resume showed he never worked at Goldman Sachs; and
  • Just in time for Lent, Christians take to their cellphone cameras on Ash Wednesday to launch the craze of Ashtags, selfies for the soul.

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