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Media Navel Gaze: March 23, 2015

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The Week Unpeeled

News outlets focused last week and all weekend on the growing threat of terrorism with deadly attacks in Tunisia and Yemen, showing an ever-increasing influence of ISIS with well more than 100 killed in one of the bloodiest attacks in Yemen ever.


  • Prime Netanyahu of Israel flip flops on Palestine after winning fourth term (but The New York Post has best front-page headline on victory, "BiBi King");
  • Fed loses "patience" and markets react, remaining volatile, a likely theme for a while;
  • As a result, the Dow ended 2.1 percent higher on the week to close at 18,127 and Nasdaq at a 15-year high at 5,026;
  • Jinx You're It: Robert Durst "hot mikes" his murder confession on HBO and AP has to issue a correction that Fred Durst is the former front-man of Limp Bizkit and not the suspected murderer;
  • The White House issued rules on fracking that fueled immediate lawsuits from energy companies and cries of too lenient by environmental groups;
  • Out@NBC Universal become first gay group to march in New York City's St. Patrick's Day parade;
  • The Guardian named Katharine Viner as its first-ever female editor, replacing Alan Rusbridger who held the top spot for 20 years;
  • Facebook introduces epayments through its messaging service;
  • A totes solar eclipsed happened, forcing protective goggles in Europe and elsewhere and causing little feared disruption to the power grid; and
  • March madness and sadness.

LatAm Gaze

  • Honduras this week became host to Latin America's largest solar energy project, valued at US$23 million.
  • At the 78th annual Mexican Banking Convention, BBVA Chairman Luis Robles Miaja projected that credit extended to the private sector will account for 40% of Mexico's 2018 GDP.
  • Five Brazilian banks are joining Standard Chartered in seeking early repayment of loans to oil rig producer Sete Brasil Participações SA, which has been significantly impacted by the Petrobras corruption scandal.End of Story

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