Media Navel Gaze: May 20, 2013

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The Week Unpeeled

Obama drama (Maureen Dowd) all week for sure amid damning and finger-pointing headlines on Benghazi and talking points, AP and an “unfettered” press, the IRS and targeting the Tea Party, among others. The IRS scandal seemed to take center stage with hearings late last week and the acting chief stepping down and stepping into the firing zone.  As Dowd suggested in her New York Times column Sunday “Taxing Times for Obama,” everyone hates the IRS, now apparently for new reasons. (Curious that the Tea Party target takes it names from a group against taxes, right?)


  • Bloomberg terminal spy scandal seemed to turn more terminally negative with Bloomberg LP enlisting former IBM chairman and chief Sam Palmisano to review practices (amid criticism by some that the new data cop is a pal of the mayor) ;
  • The Syrian Electronic Army hacked the Financial Times’  tech blog and some of its Twitter accounts;
  • The Dow ended a pretty strong week up 1.6 percent to close at 15,354;
  • Google CEO Larry Page closes that he suffers from vocal-cord paralysis in a post on the Google+ service; and
  • Barbara Walters and David Beckham announced their retirements (separately). End of Story

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