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Media Navel Gaze: May 23, 2016

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With little big news on the home front, media coverage of the presidential race turned analytical with Trump meeting face-to-face with his frenemies, from his first sit down with Megyn Kelly since the showdown on Fox to other Republican party leaders (“Trump Closing Deal with Republican Elite”); and then others such as Peggy Noonan in her WSJ Weekend op-ed piece, suggesting a Hilary-Bernie ticket and the beginning of a new middle party of disenfranchised reds and blues. But we got a long ways to go…


Fed sends pretty clear message to market for a June rate hike (if the economy continues to show signs of improvement), perhaps a little sooner than expected and definitely a lot clearer than usual;

The markets continued their downward lean, with the Dow closing slightly off (down 0.2 percent) to end at 17,500;

Apple got a price and media boost from news that Berkshire (aka Buffett) bought some $1 billion in stock in the first quarter of the year;

Facebook bigs meet with red-state bigs to talk big lean toward left on FB campus; political-leaning emojis no doubt on their way;

An EgyptAir flight crashed, raising terror fears, unproven, as investigators pieced together clues of why and how;

Morley Safer dies at 84, just after he just announced his retirement; and

Britney finally has an app (Oops!...); and

Iran (actually its anti-cyber crime unit) is reportedly calling Kim Kardashian a threat to its moral security by collaborating with Instagram to encourage women to post pictures that violate Islamic dress code (unfortunately, nothing about taste, style, grace, culture, etc.)

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