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Media Navel Gaze: May 27, 2014

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The Week Unpeeled

The New York Times management-change story seemed to escape much of the spotlight by the end of last week with attention turned to mergers and some high-profile corporate charges, allegations and fines, with AT&T agreeing to acquire DirecTV for $49 billion, blurring the lines between mobile, cable, video and pay TV.


  • Google was reportedly in talks to buy Twitch a live video-streaming service;
  • Credit Suisse pleaded guilty to criminal tax charges in helping customers evade taxes;
  • Barclays was fined last week 26 million pounds for gold rigging;
  • The US Justice Department, meanwhile, charged Chinese military officials for allegedly hacking US computer computers in an effort to steal trade secrets;
  • Time and Sports Illustrated have started to put ads on the cover, a first for a big publisher in the US (put you kinda have to really look for it under the bar code) put a significant step nonetheless;
  • Thailand's military staged a coup, the second time in about a decade that the army has ousted the government; and
  • The markets rallied last week with the S&P closing at a record high of 1,900 and the Dow at 16,606. End of Story

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