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Media Navel Gaze: November 10, 2014

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The Week Unpeeled

Mid-term elections coverage and commentary seemed to be the major focus for most of the week, with Republicans now set to take control of the House and Senate next year, fueling speculation of a renewed focus on such business issues as corporate taxes, financial regulations and the Keystone XL pipeline (NYT and everywhere else); Obama sounded surprisingly positive following the results and markets rallied to record levels. Elise Stefanik became the youngest women elected at 30 years old to Congress, a Republican from New York.


  • The US jobs report for October showed that the national unemployment rate dropped to 5.8% and non-farm payroll increased by 214,000 positions, slightly below expectations but prior months were revised upward;
  • The Dow, meanwhile, reached new highs, closing Friday up 1.1% for the week at 17,573;
  • The US is sending more troops to Iraq;
  • Tinder Exec demoted to president from CEO (is that a swipe left or right?) after calling boss Barry Diller a below-the-belt term;
  • Detroit to exit from bankruptcy following the approval of its plan;
  • Shake It Off: Taylor Swift exited Spotify; no bankruptcies; and
  • A teenage Target employee (and likely Swift fan) became a Twitter star and guest on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" after his photo was posted online and the world gushed and swooned (a marketing start-up firm claimed ownership of the idea then had to backpedal). Target issued a statement denying any involvement and now Gaze is talking about it, proving #youcanmakesomethingfromnothing and #thisisbetterthanthekardashians. End of Story

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