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Media Navel Gaze: November 24, 2014

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The Week Unpeeled

The gloves came off at home last week in quite a few cases with President Obama pulling a run around Congress and announcing a plan that would give millions of immigrants some protection against deportation, a move that is sure to raise ire among lawmakers and make for an even more contentious final two years in the White House.


  • In an equally offensive move, the Fed said it is reviewing oversight of major Wall Street banks in an effort no doubt to counter any perceptions of lax governance;
  • And also, the Keystone pipeline vote failed to pass, by one vote, setting the stage for battles for additional votes. Stay tuned;
  • Amazon is planning to enter the streaming video market, making for a suddenly crowded market;
  • NBC's Today show exec Jamie Horowitz from ESPN was fired after just 10 weeks on the job;
  • Orange County Register reporters, in a bid to save money, have now been asked to deliver the paper after filing stories;
  • The markets staged a global rally last week, with the Dow hitting another record, closing Friday up 1% to end at 17,801;
  • The British government barred entry last week to England for an American who claims and promotes himself as a "pick-up artist" (others use much different language), the first probably sexism charge at the border and one that clearly manifested itself by the traveler's viral self promotions;
  • Director Mike Nichols, died, an obit that appeared on many front pages, including The New York Times, last week; and
  • Shirtstorm happened. End of Story

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