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Media Navel Gaze: October 20, 2015

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Media Navel Gaze

The Week Unpeeled

Amid signs that the IPO and transaction markets may be cooling, two mergers in the works are keeping Wall Street busy with Dell deciding last week to buy EMC for $67 billion and AM InBev now acquiring SAM-Miller for some $14.2 billion after frothy bidding, making the combined cooler holding as many as 158 brews by some reports.


  • US banker James Staley to be UK Barclays' chief;
  • The White House decides to keep troops in Afghanistan, reversing exit plans;
  • Fantasy sports sites take the heat amid government probe on whether this is betting;
  • Wal-Mart issues profit warning by as much as 12 percent, blamed on spending but retailer watchers a bit spooked;
  • Former Microsoft big Ballmer reveals that he is one of biggest investor in Twitter with 4 percent stake;
  • Stocks slowing gaining ground with the Dow up about 0.8 percent for the week to end at 17,215 as dollar shows strength in third straight week of advances for equity markets; and
  • Playboy faces the naked truth: The net is free so the once trailblazing magazine will now be nude free -- but real truth remains if people will really read the stories.   End of Story

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