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Media Navel Gaze: October 8, 2012

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The Week Unpeeled

Presidential campaign pollsters were busy all week with Republican candidate Mitt Romney by most media accounts gaining the upper hand in the first debate on Wednesday and the jobs numbers Friday showing “headline” strength (September jobless rate fell below 8.0 percent to 7.8 percent (the lowest point under President Obama) from 8.1 percent.  Jobs grew in the month by 114,000 and prior months totals were revised slightly higher.  In short: analysis was right direction not strong enough.


  • Turkey returned fire and attacked targets inside Syria last week, raising concerns about ongoing conflict with new heat in the region;
  • Facebook reached 1 billion active users, doubling membership since just July 2012;
  • BAE and EADS merger was reportedly close to collapsing as states remained deadlocked over state ownership stakes and the location of the combined company's headquarters;
  • The London market finished the week on a high after a drop in the US unemployment rate boosted investor confidence, while the Dow rose 1.3 percent for the week to end near a five-year high at 13,610;
  • Figures released by Visa Europe revealed UK consumer spending rose month-on-month by 3pc in September 2012, showing consumers are returning to the shops
  • The biggest change to British pension schemes for more than 100 years started on Tuesday; 9m people were automatically signed up for workplace schemes; and

The weekend saw tributes to Apple’s Steve Jobs, who died one year ago Friday. End of Story

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