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Media Navel Gaze: September 15, 2014

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 The Week Unpeeled

An ISIS video over the weekend - following President Obama's calls for a military campaign earlier in the week - showed the third beheading of a hostage, a British aid worker, severely increasing threat levels and talk of even more severe action in Syria against the militant group as well as discussions on how much should these videos be shown as part of any media coverage because of its pure evil and because of the potential consequences in dealing with the issue.


  • Clean House: The NFL suspended Ray Rice after a video surfaced showing him beating his now wife and Vikings' Adrian Peterson was indicted for child abuse;
  • Off to Big House: Former SAC manager Mathew Martoma was sentenced to nine years in prison;
  • Headlines focused on the vote this week on whether Scotland splits from the UK;
  • US stocks retreated a bit last week, with the Dow closing down 0.87 percent to end at 16,987;
  • GE sold its appliance business to Electrolux of Sweden;
  • Apple unveiled its new bigger sapphire-screen phone, a mobile payment system and a smartwatch (kinda a la Dick Tracy's watch);
  • Nicki Minaj is denied appearance at her high school alma mater and Twitter revolts; and
  • Biggie Smalls' "Ready to Die" turned 20 this weekend. Word! End of Story

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