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Media Navel Gaze: September 17, 2012

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The Week Unpeeled

Anti-US protests at embassies and elsewhere in mostly Arab states from South Asia to North Africa to the Mideast dominated the news front over the weekend, motivated by a video made in the US that “mocked” (WSJ) the Prophet Muhammad and seemed to ignite Islam extremists.  The pope traveled to Beirut in an unrelated peace-keeping tour, the first papal visit in 15 years.

In other news and places:

  • The SEC fined the New York Stock Exchange, which agreed to pay the $5 million penalty extremely promptly, for allegedly providing information to some customers ahead of others;
  • USA Today underwent a total makeover on Friday, taking cues from the web, including printing comments from readers on Twitter and Facebook; its new web site was launched over the weekend;
  • US, UK and European markets soared after the US Federal Reserve announced it will be buying mortgage-backed securities to provide liquidity to the markets and keep interest rates low in a bid to spur the economy and help the job market, a rare move by the Fed to directly admit and act that it is trying to fix the employment picture;
  • The Dow ended the week 2.2 percent higher at 13,593;
  • US Treasury announced that it was selling at least $18 billion of its AIG shares;
  • European ministers were considering giving Greece some more time to meet its bailout commitments;
  • Figures released by the Office for National Statistics, showed UK unemployment fell by 7,000 in August to 2.59m;
  • Apple unveiled the iphone5 which is thinner, faster and lighter than predecessors. The device will retail at $199 on a two-year contract;
  • Everything Everywhere, Britain's biggest mobile operator, announced it will have “superfast” 4G data networks up and running in the UK by the end of the year;
  • The Olympics and Paralympics finished with a big parade through Central London, where more than a million people lined the streets to acknowledge more than 800 sportsmen and women; and
  • US TV news personality launched her new daytime talk show, “Katie,” apparently trying to fill Oprah’s shoes. End of Story

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