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Media Navel-Gazing: April 18, 2011

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Amid budget headlines, an increase in the crisis level at the Daiichi nuclear plant to Chernobyl levels (translation: serious levels of radioactive materials emitted:  Interesting column, btw, from Tyler Brule in the Financial Times over the weekend about the mood of Japan right now - getting back to normal and a note that foreigners who fled post earthquake are called "flyjin," a reference to "gaijin" for foreigner, you gotta love disaster humor) and a federal jury finding Barry Bonds guilty of obstruction of justice, news seemed to focus on journalists themselves:  Katie Couric made the publicity rounds, hinting at a life of syndication post CBS; The New York Times showcased Scott Pelley as the next in line for the anchor job at "60 Minutes"; and Sidney Harman, the new owner of Newsweek, died at 92 (amazing obit, by the way -- the guy was a true Renaissance man, from science and technology to jazz to education to civil rights, worth a Google search to read about a life in full).  Elsewhere:

  • China posted its first quarterly trade deficit in seven years, suggesting growth may be weakening a bit;
  • The NYSE requested a bid from Nasdaq, meaning the fight continues;
  • The Winklevoss twins must accept their $20 million in cash and $45 million Facebook stock from their earlier settlement and courts declared case closed, meaning the fight is over;
  • All My Kids will at last say goodbye in September;
  • The Flip video camera flopped, once popular but nowhere near the staying power of children from Pine Valley; and
  • The Dow ended the week slightly lower, pressured by rising commodities (probably another reason for the China trade deficit) and a few weaker-than-expected earnings report, settling at 12,341. CJP

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