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Media Navel-Gazing: February 16, 2011

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Midweek Unpeeled

Wednesday marked the debut of new press secretary, Jay Carney, to White House press briefings, an event covered heavily on Twitter and elsewhere.  The former spokesman for Veep Biden and former Time magazine White House reporter started his assignment today by telling reporters he would provide the "best information." Time will tell if he serves merely as the press secretary or also as presidential advisor, a dual role held by his predecessor Robert Gibb, which apparently left him not enough time to spend with reporters.  His Wikipedia entry describes him as one of the early mainstream journalists to "take up the medium of blogging."  If so, interesting to see how social media plays in his mix as he provides journos with the best information.

Elsewhere, a pretty mixed bag:

  • Machine was beating man in Jeopardy by Tuesday night, with IBM's Watson, showing it's more than elementary after leading the humans after two rounds;
  • JP Morgan announced plans to launch a fund to invest in digital companies (with $200 million reportedly earmarked for Twitter, following Goldman Sachs which completed an offering for Facebook;
  • Now It's Official: China surpassed Japan to become the world's second-largest economy after the US

Winter's Thaw

Heating things up, Sports Illustrated's swimsuit issues hit stands this week, which as Dylan Stableford in Media Alley showed is big business: the issues is 7% or SI's ad revenue of $572 million.  Best part: David Letterman was picked to unveil the cover (see below) on the Late Show but was upstaged by a Manhattan office worker who saw a billboard of the cover unveiled (for a quick test for his show) outside her window, snapped a picture and posted on Twitter. CJP

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