My First Philly Cheese Steak: A Cultural Experience On the Road

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I traveled today with colleagues to Philadelphia to meet with a new client.  All three of us on the train don’t know Philadelphia well, but we all believe in the adage “when in Rome...”

So, after our meeting, on the way to the train back to New York, we stopped at a local joint (recommended by our cab driver) to pick up a real Philly cheese steak. I can now see why they are so popular – how can you beat cheese, meat and a big carby greasy bun?

The reason I’m writing about cheese steak on a business trip is to illustrate a point - that exploring and enjoying a local experience on a business trip is like beating the system. That cheese steak taught us so much about the city and its people. Being away from family on a business trip can be a sacrifice, but why not turn that sacrifice into a little bit of fun?

I’ve learned the art of mixing business with pleasure moments on the road from my partner, Mark.  Whether we have a spare hour in Paris or in Peoria, he always identifies an experience that defines the trip.  A 20-minute cruise through the Tate Modern on the way to Heathrow or frozen custard in St. Louis, I’ve had a lot of terrific experiences on the road.  Work consumes so much of our focus and time; it’s always a great reminder to me to look for the simple pleasures.

There isn’t a bunch of folks with which I’d rather be on the road.  And that makes mixing business and pleasure a natural daily event.

Now, any good suggestions for Oklahoma City?  CJP

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