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Diving into the Prosek Melting Pot

Kelly Whalen  Follow

As a recent hire from the Prosek’s Public Relations Development Program, I am ecstatic to be part of a culture that is as “unboxed” as it claims to be. 

When I first interviewed with Prosek, I was anxious that my limited knowledge of the financial world would keep me from being accepted into the program. I had taken a handful of business classes in college, but my experience was primarily in PR. After meeting over a dozen employees over Skype, I was assured that Prosek was the place for me.

At my previous internships before becoming a Prosek Apprentice (PA), I worked on accounts including celebrity fragrances, Italian fashion brands, healthcare IT firms and reality TV shows. It might seem like these areas have nothing to do with financial services, but Prosek helped me understand that the skills I practiced and developed in researching, pitching, writing and communicating can transcend any industry.

My diverse background helped make me a culture fit for Prosek, and the PA program helped to fill in the gaps where I had less experience. To me, the most appealing aspects of the program are the learning opportunities available through mentorship, as well as countless boot camp sessions, Orange U classes and professional development seminars, all taught by Prosekians who are willing to share their expertise. With their help, I have become more familiar with the financial world, well versed in crafting creative financial PR pitches, cultivating key media relationships, and not to mention, more fluent in acronyms than I ever thought possible.

Aside from the more formal learning opportunities offered in the PA program, I’ve gained so much knowledge from my diverse coworkers that make up the melting pot that is Prosek. The value of each unique individual’s contribution is what makes this company so special. Some Prosekians have backgrounds in finance, some studied law and some have degrees in English. The fusion of these diverse professionals creates a team that is passionate, intelligent and engaging. The collaboration of the group amplifies each Prosekian’s abilities. 

Five months ago, I couldn’t imagine being this excited to see what's happening in the stock market, or actually understanding the ins-and-outs of UK's Brexit decision. I am grateful to be a part of a company where collaboration and teamwork are encouraged, and I look forward to continuing to work, grow and unbox my thinking at Prosek. 

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