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Path to Prosek: From PA to AAE – Abigail Riskevich

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Next up in our Path to Prosek PA to AAE series, Abigail Riskevich from our New York office. Take it away, Abigail! 

Tell us a little bit about your experience at Prosek so far? 

In a word, my experience at Prosek has been lifechanging. I know that sounds cliché, but hear me out. Prosek is a community of brilliant and motivated individuals who are driven by the success of their clients and colleagues. The environment that Jen Prosek and the Partners have created makes you want to work hard and show up every day as the best version of yourself. 

What was being an Apprentice like?

The PA program was an incredible experience, that was challenging but rewarding. The amount of information that I learned, and mastered, in 5 months is astonishing thanks to the support of my colleagues, manager, media buddy and mentors. 

What do you recommend about the Prosek Apprentice program? 

I would recommend others to join the PA program because of the unique opportunity. Prosek is one of the only reputable and successful public relations agencies that not only offers a development program, but dedicates and invests in junior level employees.

What are the top 1-2 things you've learned at Prosek so far?

I have learned that each individual at Prosek has the opportunity to create their own, unique, career path, but also - “If you are offered a seat on a rocket ship, don’t ask what seat. Just get on.”

What has been your top Prosek moment to date? 

My top moment at Prosek thus far has been when I secured an interview opportunity for my client with The Wall Street Journal. I was very proud of myself for securing an opportunity at a top-tier publication that makes an impact for their business.  

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