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Path to Prosek: From PA to AAE – Natalie Brown

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Next up in our Path to Prosek series, Natalie Brown shares her experience as a new AAE on our Digital team in New York. 

Please share 2-3 sentences on your general experience at Prosek so far. What’s it been like, and what have you been up to?

My experience has been amazing! Prosek is a fast-paced, dynamic and challenging environment, and learning to master it over the 4-month period of the PA program was incredibly rewarding. From building social media strategies, to talking with clients, I’ve assisted with a breadth of interesting work—no two days have been the same!

What was the PA program like for you?

Throughout the program, I grew immensely, both personally and professionally. From applying knowledge learned in school, to developing new skill sets and meeting a variety of people with interesting career paths, the program laid a solid foundation for a communications career that I continue to build on today. 

Why would you recommend others join/apply to the PA program? 

There are two built-in aspects of the program that stood out to me: doing meaningful work and being intentionally supported while doing it. As a PA, I was able to interact with clients and be involved in projects and tasks that actually mattered. Coupled with mentors that genuinely cared (and still care!) about my development and teams that went out of their way to help me grow, this all made my experience truly unique, and one that I would highly recommend. 

What are the top 1-2 things you’ve learned at Prosek so far, and how have those lessons helped you succeed here?

One of the most important lessons I’ve learned is how to have a proactive mindset—being organized and planning ahead. Not only has this made me a better teammate, but it has also allowed me to anticipate client needs, meet deadlines and effectively build on my digital skillset. For example, when taking on a new task (e.g., building a paid campaign, strategizing organic content pillars for a company, etc.), being proactive and scheduling meetings with experienced team members about the task, asking thoughtful questions and anticipating the next steps have all been incredibly helpful to my growth—and much appreciated by my teams. 

If you had to choose, what’s been your favorite moment at Prosek since joining?

One of my favorite moments since joining Prosek was when I pulled together a last-minute client request on a tight timeline. I was excited to get a message from my account lead that the client was pleased with my work! 

I also enjoyed our full Digital team after hours celebration following some internal promotions. It was a great opportunity to really get to know everyone who works in that part of the business. I think the culture and people that work here are what set Prosek apart from anywhere else.

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