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Path to Prosek: From PA to AAE – Sarah Denning

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Next up in our Path to Prosek from PA to AAE series, Sarah Denning from our Boston office. Sarah - take it away! 

What has your experience at Prosek been like thus far?

Starting at Prosek, I was definitely nervous about being in a fast-paced environment when I had only been used to working in in-house communications. From the beginning, teams have been so welcoming and helpful, whether it be taking the time to explain something new to me, or setting up a virtual coffee to chat about how work is going or things we have in common outside of the office. Getting to know people who have different career experiences has definitely been a major highlight so far!

What was the Apprentice program like for you?

Though I had PR internships prior to joining Prosek, I really appreciated the learning opportunities that the PA program offered. I think it was a great way to get familiar with the day-to-day agency specific operations, familiarize myself with client communications and become more confident in my abilities before becoming an AAE.

What would you recommend about the Prosek Apprentice program?

I think the biggest reason I would recommend the PA program is the broad experience it offers. When I started out, I was staffed on different accounts ranging from insurers, to asset managers, to book launch projects. By gaining experience in different industries, I’ve not only broadened my PR knowledge, but my financial services knowledge as well. Starting out, a simple news scan for client coverage might leave me confused, but after 6 months, I have a much better understanding of the financial landscape, and I believe that the PA program (especially the bootcamps!) played a huge part in that.

What have you learned so far?

I think the biggest thing I’ve learned is to never be afraid to ask a question. Especially on smaller teams, it can be intimidating at first to ping a “silly” question to someone levels above you, but once I realized that everyone is willing to help and truly wants you to be successful, that’s when I started to really learn.

What has been your top moment at Prosek thus far?

Onboarding to new accounts is always exciting, especially if you’re excited about the client’s work. After onboarding to a new account in a new industry in March, I was worried I wouldn’t pick up the subject matter as quickly as I had with some of my other clients. The most rewarding experience I have had happened when I secured an introductory opportunity for my new client with The Wall Street Journal shortly after joining. Working in a virtual environment can be overwhelming, but securing a major opportunity after joining a new team gave me a confidence boost going forward on the account and solidified my own confidence in my abilities across the board.

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