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Our Path to Prosek from PA to AAE series continues with Wynne Dieffenbach’s Q&A.

What has your general experience at Prosek been like so far?

To me, Prosek has been a sidekick, rather than merely an employer. I started as an intern in February, joined the PA program in June and recently became an AAE. The firm has guided me through major life transitions at an all-around rocky time to be entering the workforce. My colleagues at Prosek have been there for me along the way through my fragmented last semester of college, to my unceremonious, social-distanced graduation, to now, finding my footing and passions in the industry. My time at Prosek has been filled with hard work, curiosity and strong friendships. 

What was the PA program like for you?

The PA program was a chance for me to discover and cultivate my professional curiosity, confidence and career goals. I was given opportunities by mentors and team-leads to punch above my weight on internal and external projects, discover what sectors interested me the most and the avenues to explore these new-found passions. It has also taught me to apply my foundational industry knowledge to generate results for clients.

Why would you recommend others join the PA program?

I would recommend others to join the PA program because it’s an opportunity to rapidly learn the fundamentals of PR while simultaneously applying your knowledge and skills to a myriad of sectors. Working across accounts in multiple verticals will allow you to discover where your interests and passions lie, giving you the real-world experience and guidance to determine where you want to go. It’s also a great opportunity to familiarize yourself with the firm, ahead of becoming a full-time employee.

Please tell us 1-2 of the top things you’ve learned at Prosek thus far.

Prosek has taught me how to be uncomfortable, in a good way. I’ve learned how to stretch myself by taking an active role in projects that may be out of my wheelhouse until I’m comfortably uncomfortable. From a crisis to day-to-day work, I’ve learned that being uncomfortable is the best way to learn and constantly grow as a professional and person.

What has been your top moment at Prosek thus far?

My top moment at Prosek thus far was when I was given the chance to present our quarterly PR results to a group of 15 top-executives at a boutique-investment firm. Not only was this something I would have never expected to have done in my position, but it was also a great “stretch” opportunity and bonding moment for my team.

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