President Obama's Running Mate

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I only find time to work out on weekends or business trips these days. With a company to run and a four year old to spend time with, who has time for workouts? True to form, on a recent business trip to Florida I hit the hotel gym. On my way there I found it funny that the place was swarming with security. But when I took my spot on the elliptical machine and scanned the room I realized why. My running mate to my left was President Obama himself! It was hard to keep my eyes off of him, but I tried to appear unfazed. The man is fit. He ran at least four miles and then hit the elliptical machine for over 30 minutes.

As my fellow gym mates started to notice our high profile guest, he began to shake hands. There were only about 10 of us in there and he made a point to smile and interact with each one of us saying, "You’ve got to stay in shape".

If the President of the United States can find time to work out, can't I? Damn straight! Outside of inspiring me to work out more, I was also struck by the president’s positive, friendly demeanor, how he moved through the crowd and how security allowed him to interact. You'd think they would close down the little gym for an hour to allow the President a private workout. But no, the Secret Service allowed us to go about our business and for the President to behave, as much as possible, like a regular Joe. In SOHO, where I live, they close down boutiques so celebrities can shop privately. The president clearly doesn't subscribe to that ethos and I'm impressed. If the President can "walk with kings but keep the common touch," shouldn't all people in high places? Thank you, Mr. President, for allowing me to be your "running mate!" It was an hour I will cherish forever.  End of Story

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