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Vu Chung

prediction-sphere-cloud-hold-ball-crystalA year is not fully wrapped up until you read a list of predictions for the following year. For our contribution to this annual tradition across industries, the Unboxed Thoughts team took to the hallways and cubicle aisles to force 2015 predictions out of our senior management team. In true Unboxed Thoughts spirit, the predictions are all over the map ... for good reasons. For one, we are communicators representing a variety of industries. Focusing on just one is just, well, boring. Instead, we encouraged our oracle wannabes to unleash their thoughts on factors that may impact their clients' business, as well as their professional and personal lives. Take a read and join the fun by sharing your predictions in the comments.

Caroline Harris, Managing Director

  • It's going to be a really cold winter and a sweaty summer
  • Kim Kardashian will be pregnant again
  • There will be a new princess in England

Tom Rozycki, Managing Director

  • Apple will reach a $1 trillion market cap
  • Tiger Woods will retire
  • A female GOP presidential candidate will emerge

Andrew Waterworth, Managing Director, Prosek Partners London

  • In Asset Management: 2015 will see the first manifestation of fund groups utilizing 'big data' (1) as part of their investment process(es) and (2) in their attempts to understand their clients better and (3) to thwart competition from internet companies seeking to encroach on their territory
  • In Technology: The New Year will witness the first attacks targeting mobile commerce/mobile payments
  • In Sport: The 2015 Rugby World Cup Final will be between England and New Zealand with NZ lifting the trophy

Russell Polin, Chief Financial Officer

  • Stock market will have a significant correction greater than 10%
  • The President's approval rating will drop below 40%
  • No one will remember who Iggy Azalea was

Karen Niovitch Davis, Director of Human Capital

  • There will be the first set of Tinder babies!

Hal Bienstock, Senior Vice President

  • Congress agrees on a framework for tax reform
  • The Jets screw up the 2015 draft, but not as badly as the Knicks screw it up

Bernardo Torres, Associate Creative Director

  • Congress will pass a comprehensive immigration reform
  • For those soccer fans out there (football, as we call it outside of the U.S.), the Mexican national team will win the 2015 Copa America, the 2nd (or 3rd, depending who you ask) most important international football competition in the world, and also the oldest
  • Alejandro González Iñarrituan acclaimed Mexican film directorwill win the Oscar for Birdmanif this happens, two Mexican directors would win back-to-back Best Director awards, for the first timeAlfonso Cuarón won this year for Gravity
  • Despite having announced its final season, and due to popular demand, AMC's successful drama Mad Men will be renewed for three more seasons
  • An entrepreneur will entice a Shark to offer a never-before-seen eight-figure deal on Shark Tank, ABC's popular show
  • Disney will announce a Frozen-themed park to open in Walt Disney World Orlando

Dawn Zinkewich, Vice President

  • I predict (hope) we will see Ebola stabilize in the most hit regions of West Africa as well as progress on the vaccines to help those on the front lines
  • As the road to 2016 is paved, in 2015 we will learn that we won't have a '92 déjà  vu with another Bush vs. Clinton election
  • Apple Watch will start to put a dent in Fitbit's market share

Fred Duff Gordon, Associate Director, Prosek Partners London

  • FTSE 100 will break the 7,000 barrier (for first time ever)
  • UK central bank rate will nudge up 25 bps by the end of the year, but no higher
  • We'll have a hung Parliament
  • Chelsea will win the UK Premier League and the European Champions League

Happy New Year! End of Story

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