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Hedge Fund Focus: February 17, 2017

Ryan FitzGibbon  Follow

State of the Industry

 The industry could shrink by as much as 30 percent over the next 3 years according to the Boston Consulting Group (read here)

 Three-fourths of investors were disappointed by hedge fund returns in 2016 according to new research by JP Morgan (read here)

 Flows, Closures, Sales and Litigation

 Fortress has sold itself to Japanese tech company SoftBank for a whopping $3.3B (read here)

Some of Platinum Partners’ investors may recover most of their assets according to the case’s receiver (read here)

 $13B in assets has been pulled from Och-Ziff over the last 13 months (read here)


 Funds are up 0.4 percent thus far in February according to Lyxor (read here)

 Crispin Odey is in the black this year after losing nearly 50 percent in 2016 (read here

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