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Roundtable: How Will Trump's Reputation Be Affected By a Presidential Run? (Round 2)

Aaron Steinfeld

Donald TrumpWelcome back for round two of the inaugural edition of the Unboxed Thoughts Roundtable.  Were you holding your breath all weekend with unwaivering anticpation, wondering what your favorite professionals at CJP had to say in follow-up to their opinions from last week? Do you need to refresh yourself and re-read round one? The question:

Will Donald Trump's image be affected positively or negatively if he decides to run for president?


"Donald Trump’s recent victory signals the end of his latest 15 minutes of fame (not to mention the apparent need to redefine the word “victory”). Gawker recently highlighted another potential outlet for Trump’s influx of publicity (alongside the soon-to-end season Celebrity Apprentice) – a branded line of bath salts called “Success by Trump” (you can use it alongside Charlie’s hopefully-soon-to-be-announced “#Winning Sheen” hair products). Though the folks at Gawker hint that Trump has been faking his Presidential campaign simply to shill his products, I really don’t see how an actual run at candidacy would hurt him. For all of his business successes, he has failed plenty of times before, and even the most short-lived campaign would surely help move a few units of scented soaps." ~Jake (@jsd5020)
"I agree with Jake.  This is about brand reinforcement.  And, like Kelsea, I don't think that he legitimately thinks he can win.  However, I think Rob is selling Ms. Kardashian short." ~Tom (@trozycki)
"I am pleasantly surprised that I have yet to see many (if any) react well to the Donald’s antics of late. I am sure some people somewhere support what’s he’s doing, but I’m not running into too many of them. The only people I have seen defend him are political analysts on television. They generally identify themselves as right wing conservative, but most conservatives seem to want to have nothing to do with Trump or his sideshow. 
Last night on NY1 I saw a one such self-styled conservative actually applaud Trump for making Obama show us his birth certificate. As if that accomplished anything.
Really? The economy is in the toilet, we’re fighting wars on how many fronts and this is what some people really think we should be focused on? It’s insulting to the intelligence of the American people. I won’t even go into the underlying racism of the whole affair because I don’t think Trump is racist, but if the president was a white guy named Fred Miller would anyone be asking to see his birth certificate or college transcripts? What’s next, his pre-school coloring books? “
See? He doesn’t color within the lines” He’s a Muslim from Kenya!!!
But by accepting and tolerating  this kind of “journalism” we unfortunately encourage it. People need to flip off the talking heads until there’s actual some news on the news and read a book.
Not a retweet, or video clip, but an actual book." ~Rob (@RobBabecki)
"I agree with Tom. Trump’s candidacy could just be a gateway to all kinds of celebutants and reality stars running for office as a way to increase visibility of their latest album, fragrance or ghostwritten tell-all. The Hollywood elite already campaign extensively through vehicles like Diddy’s Vote or Die campaign or the slightly less ridiculous Rock the Vote. Fortunately, the Constitution provides for an age requirement, which will weed out a good portion of Hollywood." ~Olivia (@oliviaoffner)

Thank you everyone for taking part in this round table. Do you have an idea for a future question or further opinions on this topic? Share away! CJP

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