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Save the Date: December 2013

Vu Chung

Noteworthy Events for the Month Ahead . . .

happy-holidaysKicking off December is Cyber Monday on December 2. According to the Adobe Digital Index, Cyber Monday will break records with an estimated 15 percent increase in sales. However, according to Newtek Business Services, 70 percent of the 900 retailers that participated in its survey expect their sales to remain unchanged from last year. Let's see which crystal ball is correct.

Curious to know the latest research on what marketers are saying about their challenges and techniques of cross channel attribution? Consider attending this webcast hosted by Ad Age on December 5. Oh . . . did I mention that it is free?

Also on December 5, PRSA Silicon Valley will host its annual Media Predicts event in Mountain View, CA. Attendees will gain important insights from top media luminaries, trend watchers and chroniclers on what they are betting will be the hottest technologies, topics and trends, and how they will shape the future.

It looks like December 5 is a popular date for event because The Economist will also host The World in 2014 Summit in New York City. This one-day event will focus on the most important trends affecting senior business decision makers across industries. It will bring together some of today's biggest names from business, finance, technology and policy to make predictions about the year ahead and offer high-level analysis about the world today.

The Clinton Global Initiative will focus on the Latin American region from December 8-10 in Rio De Janeiro. Former President Bill Clinton will engage key leaders from the private sector, government, civil society, and NGOs to generate lasting solutions to the region's, and the world's, most pressing challenges.

Is uncovering social PR secrets on your wish list this holiday season? PRSA will help make your wish come true through a webinar on December 10. And since you're already on a social PR kick, also consider attending PRSA's "Announcing News in the Social Media Era" in-person course on December 12 in New York City.

Wrapping up December are Christmas on December 25 and New Year's Eve on December 31. Here are a few fun facts about both holidays. Each year more than three billion Christmas cards are sent in the U.S. alone and approximately 30-35 million living Christmas trees are sold each year. As for New Year's Eve, 45% of Americans make New Year's resolutions. Seventy-five percent of these folks keep their resolutions for a week, while no one has yet to claim that he/she was able to keep the resolutions for all 52 weeks. For more fun facts about New Year's Eve, check out this infographic.

Happy Holidays to you, our loyal readers! End of Story

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