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Social Media's Darker Side: A Video Infographic

Aaron Steinfeld

Who wants to see a creative video expanding upon the both positive and negative effects of social media on an international event? Oh, oh, I bet you do! I'm always on the look out for fancy and aesthetically pleasing ways of forcing knowledge down the throats of all you lovely, welcoming masses. (Yes, I'm talking to all five of you who read my blog posts. Am I being generous? Gluttonously arrogant? Perhaps.) All of us surely recall the riots that took place in London this past month. And as with all major events, there will always, and I repeat, always, be a social media response. The following CBS video expands on the role social media played, both as a fire-spreader and as a fire-extinguisher. Learn on, my five (exceptional) readers. Spread the wealth of knowledge amongst the people of your Facebooks, Farmvilles and Friendsters. Tell them Aaron sent you. CJP

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