The Age of The Millennials

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Last week, I posted a story about Generation Y, often referred to as the Millennials, and their feelings toward entrepreneurship. As you could probably tell, I'm quite sensitive to the way many GenYers play into the many generational generalities that exist for this group (having a sense of entitlement, the need to be constantly rewarded, etc.). Despite being a member of this demographic, I continue to find frustration in this group's inability to match the work ethic and modesty of previous generations.

Over the years, I have shared the below 60 Minutes segment with many colleagues and friends. It continues to be an interesting overview of this new era of professionals. I'll admit, watching it can make my blood boil as I want to scream from the mountains that we're not all like this. But I have to admit, all too often I meet professionals and current college students from this generation that exude the characteristics of the stereotypical Millennial.

So I share this with you and invite you to watch it and share your reactions within the comments . CJP

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