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The Roundup: Blogs Take Aim at Social Media

Michael Bogardus

With media consumption patterns’ rapidly changing, it is becoming ever more apparent that social media is a pivotal aspect of today’s media landscape. While this fact may not be new to us in the PR world, many outlets and blogs have recently taken notice of social media’s global impact. Here’s a roundup of the latest from around the web…


  • The Holmes Report argues that the number of social media “followers” one has is a meaningless metric.
  • Mashable’s Samantha Murphy (Twitter) spotlights why Facebook’s new facial-recognition software raises privacy concerns.
  • PR News looks at Facebook’s desire to cash in on its new payment options.
  • AdAge’s Bradley Johnson (Twitter) ponders how Google became a $2 billion advertising behemoth.
  • Business Insider’s Owen Thomas (Twitter) looks at Facebook’s newest potential employee, 17 year old Nive Jayasekar.
  • AdAge’s Jack Neff (Twitter) opens up about how Unilever utilized Facebook to provide safe drinking water to 500 million people around the world.
  • The Daily Dog examines how Pinterest morphed into a Marketing Powerhouse.
  • Prakkypedia discusses seven great ways for journalists to use social media.
  • PR Daily explores 20 hot button topics for PR people to tweet about.
  • Stuart Bruce (Twitter) shares an interesting infographic that spotlights the recent surge of Facebook use in the Middle East and also looks at social network use around the world.
  • Brian Solis (Twitter) weighs in on the new Facebook Action Links and discusses how they will change social media as we know it!

Author’s Note: The Roundup is a new column that will spotlight the voices and opinions of PR professionals, marketers, branding experts and others across cyberspace. Our goal is to continue to provide you, our Unboxed Thoughts readers, with insights and reactions to today’s biggest stories for communicators. But more importantly, we want to hear your thoughts and reactions to these stories. No matter what your viewpoint, whether you find these stories interesting and accurate or shocking and off base, we want to know. Sound-off in the comments or email us directly. Why? Because there is always another side.

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Michael Bogardus is an intern at CJP Communications

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